Text Message #92

During a

All the relatives
stood in silence.
Everybody was
silent 'till a child
suddenly asked
out of

"Ma, luto na?"


Text Message from Gar

Text Message #91

Every night that we
sleep without
praying, there is a
50% possibility that
unusual creatures
stare at us while we
sleep. .
-Reader's Digest

Text Message from Myty
Bukidnon Province

Text Message #90

Things will fall in
there right
places at the
right time.

but, right time
will not come if
we don't give
efforts to push
things to get
near their right

no one else has
the answer..

'coz sometimes..

you just have to
be your OWN

Text Message from Trisha
Lourdes College, Cagayan de Oro City

Textt Message #89

"The best form
of spiritual

is to touch the
floor regularly
with your

Gud morning.
.. ;-) ..

Text Message from Gregar
Cagayan de Oro City

Text Message #88

Cant risk this 1. An
interesting fact
about oCt0bEr 2010:
This oCt. has 5
fridays, 5 saturdays
and 5 sundays, all in 1
month. It happens
once in 823
years.These are
money bags. Pass 
them to 8 good
people and money will
appear in 4 days.
Based on Chinese
fengshui. Whoever
stops this will
experience none.

Text Message #87

--what I like
about real
friends is that
when you're
2geder and u
have nothing
else 2 talk

D silence will
never be
awkward .. :-P

Text Message from Kristy
PCC, Philippines

Text Message #86

-a philosophy
prof asked his
students juz 1
questi0n 4 der
final exam, d
questi0n is

"h0w r U going
to make me
believe dat dis
chair infront oF
u is invcble?

it to0k ol of da
student 1 hour 2
finish writing d
answer xcept
for 1 lazy
student hu onLy
took 5 secs. Aftr
dat day d results
r already
posted. D lazy
student got d
highest score,
know wat his answer is?

      "what chair?"

-dont make
simple things in

Text Message from Anonymous

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