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How can you determined if a certain networking company is effective in the market?

I asked this because it is a fact that majority of people who join in networking business fails in their latter days...

Yes it is true that in this kind of business, you are the one making the business- either you expand your network by hardwork or on the other way around.

Now, whatever be the reasons behind the failures, a prevailing common fact occur - when the market is saturated already, membership tends to slow down and thus slowing also the income of the Independent Business Associates. That's perhaps the reason why others jump from one networking company to the other.

Fortunately, a new company arises in the Phlippine Market. This company seems to be the missing link and the answer to the needs of its Independent Business Associates - CLIXSTERS-NWA is an affiliate of Network World Alliance (NWA) where its other affiliate companies are based in european countries.
The catch in this company is that, it introduces a new compensation plan that is effective and is very favorable to its indipendent associates.

Hereunder are the comparisons of Clixsters-NWA ComPlan to other companies:

Registration Fee: PhP 4, 300 ($100)

Direct Referral: 1 = 100 cv (PhP 500) The good thing is, it is unlimitted referrals...

Rationale: There are some MLM companies that do have cut-offs as to the direct referrals recruitment and placement.

Pairing Bonus: PhP 1,300 up to PhP 2,100 (16 pairs/day)

I will show you the problem of both. In Binary, chances of the power leg problem is apparent. In the Perfect Matrix however, at first the independent associates earn BIG at the start but the problem arises in the 4th level onwards because you're not earning from them and thus, the Upline support stops.

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