Text Message #85

Life has so mny gr8
options bt u dnt hv 2
pick alwys wt
seems 2b d best..
just pick watever
mkes u realy hapi
& it wil b d best &
prfect ch0ice!

Text Message #84

Let me share this
beautiful txt: I ask
God, "how do I get
the best of life?" God
answered: "Face your
past without
regret,handle your
present with
confidence, prepare
for the future
without fear." Then
He added, "keep the
faith and drop the
fear. Dont believe
your doubts and
never doubt your
beliefs, Life is
wonderful if you
know how to
live"...GOD knows...GOD
sees...GOD bless...
Good p.m. Peace be
with u...

Text Message from Susan
Barangay Patag, Cagayan de Oro City

Text Message #83

why d0 things have
t0 change wen we
expect them t0 stay
the same?.
why d0 feelings
remain the same
when things have
already changed?U

Text Message #82

.."A brilliant mind is
useless without a 
humble heart. You
make an impression
with what you say
but you make an impact with what you do.."

Text Message #81

In life
if u R
intelligent u r
if u r wealthy
u r
if u r
u r
But if u r
w/ a gud hart, u r

Gud nyt!

Text Message from Kristy
Puerto, Cagayan de Oro City

Text Message #80

ive olweis thout that
GOD made the moon
and the stars to
reminD us that wen
life is in the darkest
we are not alone..
we have but to look
up and His light is
olweis there---
Larry Barkdull

good morning !.

Text Message from Lea
Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City

Text Message #79


>be brave. even
if ure not,
pretend to be. no
1 can tell d

>when playing
games with
children, let them

>when some1
hugs you, let
them be the first
to let go.

>wave at
children on a
school bus.

>kip a notepad &
pencil on your
bedside table.
ideas smtyms
strike at 3am.

>luk at ppol n d

>complimnt d
meal wen ur a
guest in sum1s

>blive dat life is
fair, evn f its
hard... :-)

Text Message from King
Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City

Text Message #78

is oxygen to the
human soul.."

With it, you can
build someone
up. Without it,
you can put
someone down.

So make it a 
habit to

Raise people up
and be happy at
their successes...

For they may be
the same people
who will do the
same thing for

_wat a fun

Text Message from Kristy
Puerto, Cagayan de Oro City

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